The MSA range of Latchways inclined systems are configured to provide an angled cable lifeline suited to structures that slope.
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The MSA range of Latchways Inclined Lifeline Systems provide permanent fall protection for maintenance works on structures that slope. These lifelines are assessed by Notified Bodies to be fit for purpose in inclinations between 10° and 90°. Workers climbing on environments such as suspension bridges, conveyors, telecom antennas on roofs or other inclined structures can be secured and walk freely along the entire lifeline system. The guided type fall arresters lock-on immediately if the system user would either fall or slip.
Latchways Inclined Lifeline Systems act as permanent fall protection system for maintenance works in respectively all inclined environments. The wide range of componentry offers a possibility to make every system fit for purpose.
  • Permanent Inclined Lifeline System tested for simultaneous usage of up to 4 users
  • BridgeLatch guided type fall arresters guarantee protection against fall for users in inclined applications between 0° and 70°
  • BridgeLatch devices would arrest a fall and lock-on in any direction in an event of a fall.
  • ClimbLatch guided type fall arresters ensure protection against fall for users in inclined applications between 10° and 90°
  • Various intermediate and corner brackets allow the guided type fall arresters to pass brackets without any manual action and preventing the need to disconnect from the system.
  • A wide range of fixing-componentry allows the installer to make the system fit to every possible situation on-site
  • Possibility to install multiple horizontal energy absorbers to overcome challenges on-site regarding the structure
  • High quality stainless steel (AISI 316) makes the product to last even in aggressive environments
Marchés: Pétrole et gaz, Construction, Industrie générale, Applications minières, Services publics
Applications: Soudage, Espaces Confinés, Travaux en hauteur

Les homologations sont sujettes à modification sans préavis et peuvent différer selon la configuration, la référence de pièce et/ou le pays.
Veuillez contacter le service client ou consulter l’étiquette d’homologation sur le produit pour de plus amples informations sur l’homologation.

Tested according to and beyond various global fall protection standards such as EN 795:2012 Type C & CEN/TS 16415:2013, EN 353-1:2018 and abZ Z-14.9-788