The S4100C Intelligent Sensor is a self-contained microprocessor-based transmitter with integral three-digit readout. It is designed to measure and display concentrations of combustible gases in the 0-100% LEL range, but will continue to display concentrations up to 120% LEL. The sensing element may be incorporated in the transmitter housing or remotely mounted at distances up to 620 meters. The S4100C records the number of successful calibrations, computes the sensor output in mV during calibration and stores in non-volatile memory.

This product has been replaced by the S5000 Gas Monitor. See its many advantages here:

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  • EExe (increased safety) approval provides high level of water ingress protection for harsh environments
  • 10-35 VDC operation allows longer cable runs and lower cost installation
  • Selectable calibration gas level with non-standard gas concentrations possible
  • Three (3) digit LED displays up to 120% LEL and alarm status
  • Fully adjustable alarm levels with open collector outputs lower wiring costs and allows for flexible operation
  • Industry standard 4-20 mA output for remote alarm and fault indication
  • RS-485 Dual Modbus Serial Output, in addition to 4-20mA, provides measurement, setup and status of up to 247 nodes
Markets: General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities

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