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Falls through fragile surfaces are one of the biggest causes of accident when it comes to working at height. Rooflights when flush or inplane can be difficult to differentiate from the roof surface. The MSA Latcwhays Roof Light Covers are a simple solution to provide protection to workers when there is presence of fragile surfaces. This Skylight protection is simply installed over the fall hazard creating a certified protective surface incase of an individual or an object falling.

  • Flexible - Standard panel sizes ranging from 1m-3m in length, bespoke options available to suit most different roof light types and configurations
  • 'Class A' Non-Fragile Assembly - Independently tested in accordance with the 'ACR(M) 001 2014 Test for Non-Fragility of Large Element Roof Assemblies'
  • Modular—Quick and easy to install, panels can be joined to together to form long runs
  • Corrosion and Moisture resistant—Roof Light Covers are manufactured from extruded PVCu planks and support leavers, injection moulded -PVCu end caps with stainless steel fixings and fasteners
  • Durability—Lifespan in excess of 25 years (BBA Certified)
  • Manufactured from recycled PVCu for a lightweight and environmentally considerate solution
  • Compatibility—Designed to work with all major roof types
Markets: Construction, General Industry
Applications: Working at Heights

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

  • Bespoke/prefabricated test compliance—Roof Light Covers meet the standard: Pre-Fabricated Accessory EN516 – Class 1-C
  • Non- Fragile - Independently tested in accordance with the 'ACR(M) 001 2014 Test for Non-Fragility of Large Element Roof Assemblies'
  • Resistance to Impact: Soft body to MOAT 11:3.1.13 Hard body to MOAT 11:
  • Tensile Impact Strength: BS2782-3.354(A)
  • Fire resistant—Roof Light Covers are fire resistant and self-extinguishing—complies with BS465 part 71987 – Class 1 (Y)
  • Severe UV exposure tested—Roof Light Covers have undergone the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) TR 010 25 year severe climate exposure test. As such, the product has been classified “S” for use in severe climates