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MO 5006 Helmet provides both comfort and protection when danger is high. The jet-shaped helmet is intended for riot control and law enforcement duties where there are risks of projectiles, gas, smoke and more. The area between the helmet shell and visor is waterproof, while the visor, helmet and neckcurtain are resistant to penetration, chemical aggression and flames. To ensure communication is possible, the helmet is fully compatible with breathing masks and communication systems. The inner parts of helmet can be easily dismantled and washed, while the 3-point-chinstrap contains a locking buckle and an anti-strangulation system.

  • Composite shell for sharp object protection with side mask or mandibule receivers
  • Expanded polystyrene skullcap for shock protection with room for bone conduction microphone
  • Non flammable inner fabrics
  • 3 points adjustable chinstrap with removable hard chincup and anti-strangle buckle
  • 5 mm thick polycarbonate face shield
  • Anti shock and puncture neckcurtain
  • Belt strap
  • Soft carry bag (optional)
  • Helmet covers regular or reinforced for training purpose (optional)
  • Protective mandibule (optional)
  • EN166 paragraph 3.2 anti-mist face shield (optional)
  • Available in sizes XXS to XXL (contact us for other sizes)

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

    • Temperature range of use: -20oC, +70oC
    • Resistance to penetration according to TR2011: VPAM-testing procedure KDIW 2004
    • Chemical Performance according to TR2011
    • Flame retardant according to TR2011
    • Shock absorption according to TR2011: ECE R 22 rev.03
    • Visor compliant to TR2011: Anti-scratch outside according to ECE 22-05, high optical quality
    • Optional additional internal anti-mist layer: EN166:2022
    • Water tightness between shell and face shield in any position
    • Anchorage for gas mask
    • Anti-strangulation buckle according to TR2011