Connected Work: Why Connected Work

Why Connected Work

Workplace injuries remain almost unchanged year-over-year

Nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employees in 20191

Traditional PPE doesn’t always help to protect against human error

80 - 90% of serious injuries and accidents that can be attributed to human error2

Workplace injuries cost U.S. companies billions of dollars every year

Lost in wage and productivity, medical, and administrative expenses3

The good news: The right advanced technology tools can help you create an adaptable, proactive safety program—today and into the future—helping to simplify safety, curb risk and boost productivity.


Driven by the ALTAIR io™ 4 Gas Detection Wearable.

Connected Worker

As part of The MSA Connected Work Platform, the ALTAIR io™ 4 is a wearable gas detector that delivers critical data points from on-site workers to off-site safety managers—along with the super rugged durability you expect from MSA.

Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

With cutting-edge, secure CAT-M LTE cellular connectivity seamlessly built-in and delivered through leading national networks (with plans managed by MSA), the ALTAIR io 4 portable gas detector deploys in seconds. No IT required.

Worker Visibility

Capabilities including worker emergency monitoring and digital device assignment mean lone workers are not alone. Every ALTAIR io 4 comes with MSA’s Grid cloud-based software - allowing you to select from compliance, fleet manager or live monitoring services which unlocks additional layers of insight.

Worker Compliance and Efficiency

The ALTAIR io Dock Automated Test System can withstand the stress of frequent use. And with its guided app setup plus the connectivity of the ALTAIR io 4, you’ll have your test systems up and running in no time—without the hassle of networking, complex user-interfaces or messy calibration gas tubing.

Connected Worksites

Our total hardware and software solution arms everyone from your supervisors onsite to plant engineers in another country with the data to help support operational efficiency and enhanced site safety.

Full Worksite Visibility

The ALTAIR io 4 provides real-time visibility across your worksites—all in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Active Safety Monitoring

Remote monitoring and reporting. Actionable insights at your fingertips. Send and deploy a change across your entire fleet with just one click.

Simple, Fast and Efficient Compliance

When in the test stand, the ALTAIR io 4 knows when it needs a bump test or calibration to be compliant and immediately runs the appropriate test. Fast-responding sensors and a flow rate that’s 50% faster than industry average means less costly gas calibration consumption—and less standing around.

Connected Workflows

Increase collaboration and operational efficiency. Improve accountability and project quality. And get the support to help build a proactive safety culture—and achieve your long-term safety goals with MSA+™, our comprehensive subscription model that integrates hardware technology, cloud-based software, and safety program management services.

Better with Time

New safety and detection features are delivered safety and securely to your fleet over-the-air, anywhere in the world. Plus, you’ll be introduced to the latest and greatest functionality every time you log in.

Enhanced Inventory Management and Record Keeping

Monitor equipment status, maintenance and asset management information across all worksites, all in one place. Centralize reports and data logs for automated compliance.

Long-term Safety Partnership with MSA+

Stay on top of hardware and software technology updates – and on budget – with our MSA+ subscription service. Get the ongoing safety management data and insights that help to not only drive safety outcomes, but also streamline compliance and productivity.

Get the right information at the right time with our cloud-based software platform.

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ALTAIR io 4 Gas Detection Wearable

Instant, real-time visibility across your worksites.


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Seamlessly build a connected safety program.

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